Simple Upgrade Management SYSTEM Pays For Itself In One Customer Upgrade

It's so much cheaper to email them an upgrade!


Just think of how much it costs to overnight ship even one package to and from your customer.

Now add in the cost of someone's time at your company: to unpack the product they just returned to you, set it up to program, check it out after upgrading the firmware, then packaging the product for return to the customer.

With SUMS, you get full royalty-free rights to distribute your product with SUMS Bootloader firmware included in the device.  Then, when it's time to upgrade the product, just email your users an archive with simple-to-use SUMS Bootloader PC software and a few other files. After a few clicks with the mouse, they have upgraded the device themselves.

When you compare the costs, we think you'll agree that SUMS will pay for itself on the very first customer upgrade.

And the cost of upgrading the rest of your customers?  That will be... FREE!

So, What Are You Waiting For?  Order SUMS Today!

Let's sum up what we've shown you about Simple Upgrade Management SYSTEM :

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Our customers find it best to get SUMS right away, during their product development process, rather than waiting until they have finished developing their device and their code.  That way, they can design their product, from the ground up, to take the fullest advantage of the power of Simple Upgrade Management SYSTEM .


They can design with confidence, knowing they can release their product sooner, secure in the knowledge that they are protected against problems. If a bug turns up, it's an easy fix by emailing an upgrade. Even if they run late in developing some features of the product, they can release a first version on time, and send out an upgrade with the rest of the features later.


So with all these business building advantages, why would you use anything else?  Order a S.U.M.S. Starter Kit now, and enjoy these benefits today!



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