HIDmaker FS

Save time and money! HIDmaker FS takes all the time consuming and error-prone grunt work out of making your USB project. It asks you for the information that you already know about (i.e., the data that you want to send between the device and the PC), and actually generates CUSTOM programs for your project, for both the PIC peripheral and the PC host.

You get elegant, well commented source code for both the PC side and the peripheral side, that is easy for you to understand and customize.






AnyHID (normally sold as part of HIDmaker FS, but now available separately) tests any USB HID device connected to Windows PC, even if you didn't design it yourself! We think that AnyHID is the most convenient test program available for debugging USB HID devices.

If you don’t have a tool like HIDmaker FS to create a working PC program for you, then AnyHID can be a way to test your USB HID device right away – before your PC program is ready.




SUMS Upgrade System

Reduce risk! Let even your non-technical customers upgrade your product in the field, with a professional looking, secure USB bootloader program that looks like your company wrote it!