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Our SUMS products are part of a modular, expandable SYSTEM -- you can add more SUMS bootloaders and install them into your existing SUMS system at any time you need to.  To simplify that process, we offer two kinds of SUMS Products in our store:

  • SUMS Starter Bundles -- these contain the SUMS system part (the part that you only need to purchase ONCE), plus a single SUMS Bootloader of your choice
  • And SUMS Add-On Bootloaders, so you can add support for new processors or connectivity types to your existing SUMS System

So when you buy SUMS, remember that you only need to buy a single SUMS Starter Bundle one time, when you first start out.  After that, you can expand your SUMS System by simply buying and installing additional SUMS Add-On Bootloaders.

For example, you might start out needed to be able to do field upgrades on your existing product that uses the PIC18F87J50 processor, so you would purchase the SUMS Starter Bundle for the 18F87J50 and 18F67J650, which contains the SUMS System and the SUMS 18F87J50 USB Bootloader.  You would look for this symbol in our store:

Store SUMS Starter Page 560w 87J50 

If you later decide to build a PIC32MX795F512L based product that uses Ethernet, you could just purchase the SUMS PIC32MX795 family Ethernet Bootloader, and install that into your existing SUMS installation.  You would search for this product in the SUMS ADD_ON BOOTLOADERS tab:

SUMS AddOn PIC32MX795 E 170x170


Pricing is easy to understand.  All of the SUMS Starter Bundle products cost USD $369.95.  All of the SUMS Add-On Bootloader products cost USD $249.95.


Delivery, Activation, and Registration of SUMS

When you purchase a SUMS Starter Bundle, you will receive a single email and two sets of keys -- one set for the SUMS System part, the other set for the SUMS Bootloader part for the particular bundle that you chose.  The delivery email will contain a link that will take you to a download page that contains two downloads.

During delivery, the SUMS System will be one download, with its own installer, its own SUMS serial number, and its own Activation Key.  When you download the SUMS system, you will be provided with your own Company_ID.  In your products and firmware upgrades that you provide with the SUMS system, you must only use the Company_ID that we provide you, to avoid conflicts with other companies that use the SUMS system.  (It is a simple one time operation to set set up your Company_ID in the SUMS Upgrade Manager program.) You are free to choose your own Model_ID and Serial Number parameters for your products.


Each SUMS-compatible BLPROtected Bootloader product purchase (including the first one you choose with the SUMS System) will be a separate download, each with its own separate installer, its own bootloader serial number, and its own Activation Key. 

You must install the SUMS system first, and then you may install one (or more) SUMS bootloader(s) into your SUMS system installation.

After you purchase the SUMS system and one bootloader, you can return later and purchase additional SUMS Add-On Bootloaders (at $249.95 each) and install them into your existing SUMS system using the simple installation instructions.

Activation and Registration are two separate operations:

  1. Activation allows the software to run at all.
  2. Registration tells us that you purchased the product, and how we can reach you. Each SUMS product can help you quickly register online -- it only takes a few minutes.

Since SUMS is a modular system, you receive a separate set of keys for the SUMS System part and for each SUMS Bootloader part that you buy -- even if the bootloader was part of a SUMS Starter Bundle.

Registration is an absolute requirement for technical support.  We are a small company, and we can only provide technical support for our registered customers!


System Requirements: The SUMS system requires WinZip 12.0 or later in order to create archives. (WinZip is not supplied by Trace Systems.

You can learn more about WinZip here.  Frankly, WinZip doesn't make it easy to find their inexpensive "Big Zipper" bundle (apparently preferring to sell you WinZip alone).  If the above link doesn’t take you to the right place anymore, try this method to find their bundle: Go to the WinZip web site, and click menu item Buy Now | Other Products.  We recommend the bundle because it is the cheapest way to get the full capability out of both WinZip and of our Simple Upgrade Management SYSTEM .

Please note that Trace Systems Inc. is not affiliated with WinZip in any way, other than as a satisfied customer who recommends WinZip. 

You will also need to download their free WinZip Command Line Plugin to allow SUMS to control WinZip.




Purchase SUMS Starter Kit Bundle:

SUMS System + One SUMS Bootloader


Simple Upgrade Management SYSTEM ( SUMS ) by Trace Systems is a low-cost, integrated system that can help you easily manage upgrades across your entire product line. SUMS automatically delivers firmware upgrades by email, makes it simple for non-technical users to perform the upgrade, protects firmware from theft or incorrect installation, and can lock firmware to the serial number in a specific customer's device. Works with encrypted bootloaders to support multiple kinds of connectivity (presently USB and Ethernet).

  • No programming required, ready to use
  • Simple automatic mode for non-technical end users
  • Powerful Developer Mode for developers and technical/factory users
  • Brand it yourself, customize company and logo with no PC programming
  • Delivers firmware with encryption to protect intellectual property


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Purchase SUMS Add-On Bootloader(s):


  This is for purchasing an additional encrypted bootloader for use with SUMS , the Simple Upgrade Management SYSTEM from Trace Systems. Requires SUMS System, which can be purchased separately with one bootloader of your choice included.
  • No device drivers need to be installed for SUMS USB Bootloader - PC automatically recognizes the device in seconds
  • SUMS Ethernet Bootloaders are automatically discovered if running on your Local Area Network
  • Simple, automated mode for your non-technical End Users uses encrypted firmware files to protect your Intellectual Property
  • Powerful Developer Mode for you & your technical and factory users
  • Brand the Windows PC program yourself with NO PROGRAMMING
  • No need to shift your own Main App PIC code to work with our bootloader - leave it where it is!
  • Your PIC code can read Serial Number, Company ID , and Product ID of this device from the bootloader
  • Comes with several sample projects you can practice with - these will work on YOUR board
  • Includes illustrated documentation, step by step instructions, and helpful checklists


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Don't See A SUMS Bootloader for YOUR Processor?  Let Us Know!

We're building up more SUMS -compatible bootloaders as fast as we can, but we need you to tell us what processors and connectivity types you want soonest. 

Please contact us by email, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., to let us know which processors and connectivity types you need soonest.  We'll try to get one going for you as soon as we can, starting with the processor / connectivity type combination that gets the most votes.