Now, you’re ready to test.

Plug the peripheral device into a USB cable connected to the device, and check with Control Panel to verify that the device enumerates properly. Once that happens, you are ready to run the PC-side application. The code that HIDmaker FS generates will create some fixed “dummy” data (with values you specified using Visual Data Designer), in a section of the code that is clearly marked by comments as being there for test purposes only. The PC-side application is a true GUI program that will allow you to send this dummy data back and forth between the PC and the USB HID peripheral device, to verify that the USB connection works.

Running the PC Side Program

When you compile and run the PC side program that HIDmaker generates, it tries to find and open the specific USB HID device that you specified in your design. If this device has not been connected to your PC, the program will display the following dialog box:

If your USB device is not connected

If, and only if, you connect the USB Human Interface Device that matches your HIDmaker project's design, the generated PC side program will show its main window:


The as-generated PC code is a real working GUI, ready for you to customize

The PC side programs generated by HIDmaker FS are real Windows GUI programs. Regardless of the PC side programming language(s) you choose when you generate code for your project, the compiled program from each language looks like the screen shot above when you run it. The main differences appear in the source code.


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