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USB devices can contain sections and sub-sections of capability. At any one time, a device may be in one particular USB “Configuration.” Each USB Configuration may contain several independent “Interfaces,” in which each USB Interface acts like an independent device. (In fact, Windows Device Manager shows each USB Interface as if it were a completely separate device.  It is perfectly legal to write software that talks to only one USB Interface in a "USB Composite device" that contains several USB Interfaces.)

One example might be a USB Composite device that contains a keyboard and a built-in pointing device. In one Configuration, the keyboard would be one USB HID Interface, and the pointing device would be another USB HID Interface, and would act like a mouse. Both Interfaces are independent and available at the same time. In another Configuration, the Interface for the pointing device might be changed to behave like a joystick.

Having multiple Configurations and Interfaces is flexible, but these things have to be correctly described in code or there will be big debugging headaches. This is another important detail that HIDmaker handles for you.

HIDmaker FS can create several types of USB Human Interface Device . Most devices will be of the “Normal” type, needing only a single USB Configuration and a single USB Interface . As the screen shot shows, you can select several other options, having more Interfaces and/or Configurations.

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