Example of Windows Software to Control Hardware:

PACE Computerized Hot-Air Rework Station Replaces Large Surface Mount Chips On Dense Printed Circuit Boards


PACE Thermo Flo Software

  • PACE ThermoFlo Rework Station
    PACE ThermoFlo Rework Station

    Repairs dense PC boards by carefully heating just the bad chip with hot air, using a controlled 4-phase temperature cycle.

  • Our Software Controls This Machine
    Our Software Controls This Machine

    Our software controls movement of the hot air nozzle, the complete temperature cycle, even live video.

  • Inspects PCB with Live Video
    Inspects PCB with Live Video

    Live video images can be captured and saved to a PDF report.

  • Profile Manager
    Profile Manager

    This is one way to precisely set temperatures and times of all phases of temperature cycle.

  • Camera Arm with Replacement Chip
    Camera Arm with Replacement Chip

    At the right time, our software extends a camera arm box with a new chip to replace the one we removed.

  • Align Chip with Pads On PCB
    Align Chip with Pads On PCB

    Camera Arm provides superimposed LIVE video of solder balls on bottom of chip and pads on PCB.

  • Soldering New Chip In Place
    Soldering New Chip In Place

    The hot air nozzle is positioned by a movable Heater Arm box, melting solder to install chip.

  • Develop Temperature Profiles
    Develop Temperature Profiles

    To optimize temperature process for new PCBs, temperature and time zones can be dragged on graph.


What Client’s Equipment Does

This client is the world leader in soldering / unsoldering equipment of all sorts, including rework stations for manufacturers. These rework stations are used to unsolder and replace large surface mount chips from dense printed circuit boards. To avoid damage to the printed circuit board, the unsoldering must be done in a carefully controlled multi-phase temperature cycle.

PACE Computerized Hot-Air Rework Station

To replace the chip that was just removed, a new chip must be carefully aligned with contact pads on the PCB. This is done with live video, which must be displayed in the PC program during the manual alignment process. A TV camera mechanism containing a partially silvered mirror is used to display superimposed images of the PC board and the IC leads.

During the alignment process, the camera box comes out from the machine under computer control, and the PC commands the movable heater arm to come down, pick up the new chip with a vacuum suction cup, holding the chip above the camera box so the operator can see a combined video image of the PCB pads and the integrated circuit leads, so he can line things up.

Alignment using live video

When alignment is complete, the PC software commands the camera box to retract, the movable heater arm gently places the IC onto the pads on the boards, and then covers the IC with a cowling while it blows hot air in a precisely controlled multi-phase temperature cycle. This melts the solder, connecting all the leads to the pads on the board at the same time.


What Our Software Does

Trace Systems Inc. develops and maintains Windows software for this client: software that communicates with a microcontroller in the machine, orchestrates all the movements of the mechanisms in the machine, and manages the temperature phases.

Our software orchestrates everything this machine does

The software displays the live video during alignment or inspection (capturing still images if required), graphing the temperature cycle (and saving the data if required), and saving temperature profiles for later re-use.


"Most Advanced Available"

The software's page for development of new temperature cycles

This software is very easy for an unskilled factory operator to use, and is generally considered to be the best software in the client's industry.  PACE's brochure calls our software the "most advanced available."