TCPmaker does the hard work so you don’t have to.


Here’s how TCPmaker Pro can help you:

Control your device over long distances: over your local network or on the world wide web

It’s easy to design great looking INTERACTIVE web content for control and data monitoring using TCPmaker ’s drag and drop Visual Page Designer : Easily lay out multiple pages of great looking web-ready interactive content for your device to display on your browser.

Data transfer is automatic and easy to understand, because TCPmaker uses the principle of Direct Transfer of Variables : In the Visual Page Designer , you define variables with names that are meaningful to you (e.g. “Pot1”). These transfer variables act like named shipping containers that transport the data you assign to them to the other side.

Great looking web-ready screen controls that you can grab on to, right on your browser screen: beautiful sliders, gauges, indicators, even an oscilloscope display! These give your embedded web server the interactivity you need for control and data monitoring over the Internet.  Simply associate a transfer variable with a control in the Visual Page Designer -- that’s all you need to do to get that control to display or control the value of that variable, and communicate it to or from your PIC micro device.

Concept to reality in minutes: TCPmaker generates CUSTOM source code for your PIC. Gets your device going quickly.  Generated source code (in your choice of compiler) contains the TCPmaker message pump, declarations for the transfer variables that you defined, and simple event handlers for you to fill in with a small amount of code.

Short learning curve and fast development: No need to learn complicated web technologies like Javascript and Ajax, or even HTML.  TCPmaker was designed from the ground up to be driven entirely from the PIC micro,where you’re the most comfortable.  This gives you a short learning curve, fast development, and great results.

Your part of the work is entirely on the PIC side, where you are most comfortable:  No Windows programming at all! Your device is completely self-contained.  Just power it up, connect it to the network, and point your browser at it.  You’re on the Ethernet in minutes!

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Being able to use beautiful 3-D looking screen controls like buttons, sliders, gauges, and graphs, makes TCPmaker a joy to use.


There is no easier or faster way on the planet than TCPmaker, to make embedded web servers that look great, are highly interactive, and work in a wide variety of PIC microcontrollers. Gets your project up and running fast!


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