First of all, AnyHID is a general purpose test program that is designed to make it possible to exercise any properly functioning USB Human Interface Device (or USB HID for short), whether or not you designed it, even before the final PC program is ready for that device. 

AnyHID does not know or care what processor was used to make the USB HID device it tests, as long as that USB HID device is functioning well enough to complete USB Enumeration and is able to send and receive data according to the USB Human Interface Device standard. So, AnyHID is perfect for testing non-PIC USB HID class devices.

When purchased separately from HIDmaker FS, AnyHID does NOT provide you with any PC source code for your development work.

By contrast, HIDmaker generates complete CUSTOM source code for your specific project, in multiple programming languages on both the PC Host and a PIC-based USB HID device.  When you purchase HIDmaker FS, AnyHID is provided with it, along with complete source code for AnyHID in multiple programming languages.

We do not offer source code for AnyHID separately from HIDmaker FS.  If you purchase HIDmaker FS, source code for the AnyHID program is included.

HIDmaker FS users find that AnyHID provides a convenient way to get a quick test of their new USB HID project the first time the generated PIC code is compiled and run, even before they compile HIDmaker's generated PC code.  AnyHID is also designed to provide detailed information about the device and all the variables it contains, which HIDmaker's generated PC program does not provide.

However, since AnyHID is a general purpose test program that is not optimized for their specific project, they soon find that it is easier to read or write all the variables in each Report of their device using the PC program that HIDmaker created especially for their project.



Letting you see information about each device and its data, even before you open it for I/O, is one of the many features of AnyHID that help you get important insights in your testing -- as quickly as possible.


If you need to test USB HID devices, and if you cannot use HIDmaker (which already includes AnyHID), then you'll find that AnyHID will be your "new best friend." It lets you know right away if your device is communicating or not, and lets you exercise that device and do more detailed tests.  Saves time and money!


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