SMC-04 USB Servomotor Controller


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John Iovine

Images Scientific Instruments




Images Scientific Instruments Inc. SMC-04 Servo Motor Controller



Allows Manual and Windows PC control of four hobby servo motors (Hitec/Futaba).

Manual Control: Servomotors may be controlled manually, via on-board potentiometers. Each knob proportionally controls the corresponding servo. The servo will move as fast and as far as you rotate the corresponding knob. Universal three position headers make it easy to connect servomotors--just plug them into the board.


Windows PC Control: Windows program included with controller. See screen image, uses the PC USB port to communicate to the servo motor board. Each program incorporates an adjustable servomotor speed control. Each servo motor is controlled by an individual slider. In the script writing mode every servomotor movement is automatically recorded and written into the onscreen script area. The onscreen script may be saved, loaded, played, and looped. Updated Windows PC programs are always available for download at the Images Scientific Instruments web site.


To learn more about the SMC-04 USB Servomotor Controller , visit the Images Scientific Instruments web site. Be sure to watch the cool video demo of this product that you'll find there.