You've gotten your product working, and you're about ready to start shipping.  About time, too: your company really needs the revenue, to avoid another round of layoffs. You know you should be happy, but instead, you realize that you're nervous. Nervous about the risk of a new product. Nervous about the personal risk to YOU.


But how can that be? You've been all over that design. You've checked it all yourself, again and again.  You've gone over everything.

Haven't you?

"What if something goes wrong?" you think. "If customers find a problem, they'll want to ship the product back to us for a refund or a repair. The shipping costs alone could cost us a fortune. And it'll be on my head..."


Wouldn't It Be Great If You Could Just EMAIL THEIR UPGRADE TO THEM???

Now you can email an upgrade to your customer.  Because now there's USB Bootloader Pro, and our powerful new Simple Upgrade Management SYSTEM (or SUMS for short)..

Both USB Bootloader Pro and SUMS give you:


New! Simple Upgrade Management SYSTEM ( SUMS ) also gives you these important features:

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