Processors Supported By The HIDmaker 32 Product

The HIDmaker 32 product contains TWO code generating tools:


Between these two code generating programs, the HIDmaker 32 product supports the vast majority of Microchip USB-capable devices.

There are some incompatibilities with some 8-bit processor families and the mixed high level language / assembly language code that is generated by the HIDmaker FS 2 program for the C18, PICBASIC PRO, and MPASM assembler code.

At the time of this writing (August 2016), HIDmaker 32 does NOT YET generate code that is guaranteed to run on the PIC32MZ processors.  Kindly bear with us while we finish doing that.

Note that not all code generators (or individual PIC compilers) can support all the PIC processors that you might wish.  For one thing, the C18 compiler is no longer being sold by Microchip, so that compiler does not support the very latest Microchip 8-bit processors.  We generate code for the C18 compiler for those customers who still continue to use C18.

For another thing, since Microchip is constantly adding new PIC processors, there will be times when some new processors will not yet supported in our tools.  Please understand that we will do our best to keep up with new processors, but our ability to keep up depends on customer demand.

The larger 32-bit and 16-bit processor families (PIC32MX, PIC24F, dsPIC) have very regular architectures, so we exect all existing devices in those families should work with the generated C source code made by the HIDmaker 32 program.

The 8-bit processor families from Microchip have architectures that vary widely.  Because the HIDmaker 32 program generates, for the 8-bit PIC devices, an all-C source code framework that is based on Microchip's own, we expect most 8-bit USB-capable PIC processors to be compatible with C source code generated by the HIDmaker 32 program.


Processors Supported By The HIDmaker FS 2 Product

The HIDmaker FS product contains only one code generating tool:

 There are some processors that HIDmaker's mixed high level language and assembly language does NOT fully support:

But these same processor families ARE supported by HIDmaker FS 2's generated all-C XC8 code.


To be better prepared to work with any of these processor families, download our free guide to the tips, techniques, strategies, and mind set that will turbo charge your USB development!

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