TCPmaker : Visual Tour    Exploring and Customizing the Generated Code  

Each time the mtServer() routine is called, it looks for a message from the PC on a particular port.  When it receives one, it decodes it and then calls various routines in another file called mtGen.c.

Which specific routine gets called depends on what the message contained. The specific type of message is called an event, and the corresponding routine that is called is the event handler.

The most common events in TCPmaker occur when a new value of a particular Variable is received from the PC browser.  TCPmaker generates a different Receive Event handler, in file mtGen.c, for every Variable you created that can send data from the PC.

File mtGen.c will be the file that you will concentrate on the most.  It is custom generated by TCPmaker for your specific project, and contains all the event handlers that you need to customize in order to bring your project to life. 


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