TCPmaker : Visual Tour    Exploring and Customizing the Generated Code  

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1   Now it's time to customize
2   How your TCPmaker project works
3   Where your PIC code fits in
4   How TCPmaker's code fits in with the Microchip Stack
5   Events and Event Handlers
6   Variables in this sample project
7   Declarations for one specific variable, D1
8   Customizing the Receive Event Handler for D1
9   This is what we mean by Direct Transfer of Variables
10   mtServer Events
11   A word about Event Handlers in general: Cooperative Multitasking
12   The mtUserInit event
13   The mtFastTick event
14   The mtConnect event
15   The mtDisconnect event
16   The mtStartOfMessage event
17   The mtEndOfMessage event
18   Transmitting variables from mtEndOfMessage()
19   TCPmaker's "Blink code" in mtEndOfMessage()
20   Code we add to mtEndOfMessage() for PICDEM.net2
21   Summary