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To make it possible to use HID class devices for a wide range of device applications without requiring you to write a custom device driver for each one, HID class was carefully designed so that HID devices describe themselves completely to the PC.

They also exhaustively describe every data item that they can transfer to or from the PC. In a sense, every HID device is a custom device. It is certainly true that every PC is smart enough to completely understand your HID device.

Because of this, you never need to write, or even have your users install, any device drivers for a HID device, on any PC operating system. That's a huge convenience, that saves you a lot of time and money during the development of your product.

It also saves you from all those tech support calls about "why doesn't my device driver install?"

This also means that you can write a PC program to talk to a HID device, even if you didn't develop the device yourself. Some of our customers buy HIDmaker FS to do just that!


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